About Milner Weiss

Milner Weiss was founded in September 2001. The business was conceived on the basis of the founder’s belief that there is a large, under-served market of small and medium sized enterprises and potential partners and investors for these companies in Asia who require world class management consulting and corporate finance advisory services. These organizations are “below the radar” of the larger consulting firms and investment banks due to their size and the quantum of fees that their transactions typically generate. In 2006, Milner Weiss added its consulting division, Shanghai DYS Investment Co. to serve the market demand for infrastructure consulting and procurement services generated by the reputation and experience of our senior management.

Milner Weiss has served a wide variety of clients in the Asia Pacific region and, in particular, the Greater China area. Our senior management has served public and private companies, multinational corporations, management groups and government entities by providing independent advice on procurement, logistics, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, restructurings and private financings.