We have represented many clients in various types of transactions; always adding real value for our clients. The following is a sample of just a few of the engagements that we have handled:

  • Advice to a large South American group regarding fund raising and equipment procurement from China for large infrastructure projects in South America. Total value of projects will be in excess of US$5 billion.

  • Risk mitigation consulting for an international infrastructure fund investing in a series of China water and wastewater businesses.

  • Project development and private equity fund raising for the implementation of a heavy oil upgrade technology in China.

  • Advice regarding a $150,000,000 private equity placement for a large Chinese manufacturing company in the water sector.

  • Origination of an acquisition strategy and vehicle for the purchase of privately owned power plants in China.

  • Placement of a US$23,000,000 private equity offering for a start- up Asian cargo airline.

  • Development, structuring and financing of a US$73,000,000 BOT water project in Shanghai.

  • Sale of a US$30,000,000 asset to a state owned Asset Management Company in Shanghai including asset valuation, negotiations, asset transfer registration process, repatriating proceeds overseas as well as liquidation of the project company in Shanghai.

  • Financial advisory services to a US$150,000,000 greenfield project in Beijing including financial modeling and transaction structuring advice.

  • Detailed review and investor introductions for two US$250,000,000 infrastructure projects in Shanghai including asset valuation, financial due diligence, structuring, negotiations and review of key legal documents.

  • Private equity fund raising for a China based media application company.

  • Private equity fund raising for a Chinese franchise operation of a major, US based international fast food brand.

  • Placement of a US$20,000,000 private equity offering for a telecoms venture in Hong Kong.

  • Structure of project finance infrastructure investment in Vietnam.

  • Structure and advice for a project finance infrastructure investment in Thailand.

  • Structure of a newly established US$500,000,000 Asia direct investment fund.

  • Lease finance proposal for refinancing approximately US$1.5 billion of project debt in the Philippines.

  • Structure of a multi-billion dollar infrastructure project in Guangxi Province, China.

  • Structure and negotiation of tax driven sales of leasing assets from a large airline to a major US bank.

Many other clients have benefited from our experience over the years.