Executive Management Team

Le Linsheng——Advisor

Mr. Le graduated from Tongji University in 1974 and has been working in the water industry in Shanghai ever since. He moved from General Manager positions at the water treatment plant level all the way to be Director of Shanghai Water Group Co. where he supervised management of 14 water treatment plants in Shanghai. He was heavily involved in the creation and implementation of reforms in the water sector and participated in public private partnership deals such as Pudong-Veolia, Shibei-Thames Water and Thames Water-Dachang WTP projects. He currently holds the titles of Vice Chairman of China Urban Water Supply Association, Chairman of Shanghai Water Association as well as Chief Engineer for Chengtou Group in Shanghai; a government backed investment and holding company for all infrastructure projects in Shanghai. He has published many academic papers covering the water industry in China. Mr. Le has also received many awards from academic, commercial and government organizations including appointment as a prominent expert by the State Council of China.

Contact: linsheng.le@milnerweiss.com